Kathmandu, Jan 3: CPN (Maoist Centre) chairman Pushpa Kamal Dhal ‘Prachanda’ has expressed his displeasure at the Election Commission for not facilitating the process for forming the new government by submitting the report of the House of Representatives elections to the President.
Talking in brief to the journalists after the conclusion of a programme organised by the various people’s class organisations close to the party at the party office at Parisdanda here today, the Maoist Centre Chair said, “It would have been appropriate had the way for the formation of the government been facilitated by presenting the election report to the President in the context of the election results having been already made public.”
He said although there was some delay due to the legal provisions, the process for the National Assembly elections has moved ahead after an ordinance to this effect has been issued, and that there was no any problem for forming the new government.
On the topic of party unification, he said both the parties (Maoist Centre and the UML) were in continuous discussions on this and that the party unification coordination committee meeting will be convened soon for a decision in this regard. “The meeting has not been held because there’s an issue,” he said.
Asked about the topic of the Nepali Congress approaching him with an offer of the post of Prime Minister, the Maoist Centre chairman and former Prime Minister said, “I have not thought that way. I have not thought of becoming a Prime Minister going out of the leftist alliance.”
On the issue of party unification and sharing of posts for power balance, Prachanda said: “It is said that there will be two leaders on the party unification coordination committee but there is no dispute regarding the role of the two leaders should be executive. What remains is only giving formality to this topic.”


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